Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

Have you ever asked those questions?

Do you feel you are being called
to a higher purpose?

If so, you will love our new course:

Your Divine Destiny:
Fully align with who you are meant to be
and what you are meant to do

Your Divine Destiny
is a fun, informative and transformational program.
You will:

Understand your true identity and origin
as a perfectly conceived spiritual being

Understand how you were created -
from Divine idea to physical incarnation

Discover your ultimate divine destiny

Discover your unique soul purpose

Learn how to access your soul records
for guidance and healing

Understand how your past and future lives can be interfering
with your current life -- and how to clear these interferences

Discover your unique soul attributes (your "spiritual DNA")
and how this influences nearly every aspect of your life

Learn how to connect with and receive guidance
from your Higher self (your Divine essence)

Learn how to clear any soul programs
that may be holding you back from fulfilling your destiny

Meet other like-minded souls on a similar spiritual journey

Your Divine Destiny is presented by Don Giberson and Karen Kent.

Don Giberson
Don Giberson

Karen Kent
Karen Kent

Don Giberson is a Destiny Coach who helps people find, follow and fulfill their unique soul purpose.
He is also a Master Law of Attraction Trainer who spent four years
as a Senior Instructor training other Law of Attraction teachers and coaches.
Don is the founder of the Higher Consciousness Training Institute, a virtual training company
that teaches tools and processes for living an enlightened life.
He is also the President of DreamCrafters, an international training and coaching company
that offers programs used by clients in over 60 countries.
Don has trained in a number of modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique,
Ho'oponopono and Spiritual Response Therapy.

Karen combines traditional therapeutic tools with the new energy psychology tools
to support clients in all aspects of their lives. Her list of certifications include:
* Certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner
* Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant and Teacher
* Certified Spiritual Restructuring Teacher
* Holistic Health Counsellor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
* Certified American Association of Drugless Practitioners
* Masters of Social Work
* Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

For the past 4 years Don and Karen have facilitated online courses together
that combine Law of Attraction with deep clearing work.
Their courses help people get clear about what they truly want in their lives
and then clear any underlying blocks so their dreams and goals manifest more quickly and easily.
In this class, Don and Karen combine their talents and gifts to create a healing space
that allows you to develop a deeper inner connection with Source in every area of your lives.
This class is a must if you are tired of the conventional way of coaching.
It brings together your heart, body, mind and spirit
and other energetic influences to support all areas of your life.

Your Divine Destiny Program

Five week program: Wednesdays 8:00-9:30 am Eastern

Oct 7, Oct 14, Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 11, 2015

Includes a private, personal clearing session with Karen and Don the week of October 26th!

$750.00 CAD

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