You probably know the grim facts.

80% of all new businesses fail within the first 5 years.

Within 10 years, 96% have closed their doors.

And of the 4% that do make it past 10 years, many will be barely limping along.

And these statistics do not tell the human story.

Financial ruin. Destroyed families. Crushed spirits.

Of course, in that 4% there will be a select few that are different.

You know the kind of business I mean.

Companies that…

        • have great staff and low turnover
        • provide quality products and services that are in demand
        • are largely impervious to ups and downs in the economy
        • are well respected in their industry
        • are pillars in their community
        • handsomely reward their owners – financially, emotionally and spiritually

These companies, and their owners, are thriving.

Are you ready to thrive?

What makes these companies different?

Researchers have discovered the answer.

Great companies are led by men and women who think and act differently.

This highlights an important fact: there is an inner game to success (the “thinking” part).

And there is an outer game to success (the “acting” part).

To achieve success in business, and in life, one must master both parts.

The good news is: both parts can be learned.

It seems the old adage is true:

Knowledge is power

“Formal education will earn you a living,
self education will earn you a fortune.”

- Jim Rohn

Mastering Life and Business is a collection of practical, proven, effective programs that
show you how to achieve success in business – and in every area of your life.

You will learn to master the “inner” game AND the “outer” game.

Build a thriving business

As a business owner, there are 3 programs you will come back to again and again:

Turbocharge Your Business
Turbocharge Your Business (Mastery)
10 Weeks To Freedom

With these 3 programs you will:

      • Virtually eliminate competition
      • Stop chasing customers and start attracting them like bees to honey
      • Create loyal customers who will stick to you like glue
      • Break through any business challenge
      • Master the most critical part of your business
      (the one most business gurus don’t
      even address)
      • Stay focused and productivy
      • Free up 5 to 20 hours per week

      (our 10 Weeks to Freedom students freed up, on average, an extra 12 hours per week
      - What would YOU do with an extra 12 hours per week??)
      • Work less and accomplish more
      • Put your business (and your income) on auto-pilot
      • Run your business from anywhere in the world

And if you don’t have your own business, don’t worry.

The Attract Your Ideal Work program is packed with great information to help you:

      • Easily find the job, career or business that is perfect for you – even
      if you don’t know what that is
      • Ace any interview or presentation
      • Quickly excel in any new job, career or business

Mastering Life and Business has more to offer than just business strategies.

Our programs teach powerful, universal principles for success in every area of your life.


Make and keep more money

The Prosperity Made Easy program will teach you secrets to:

      • Become a powerful money magnet
      • Recession-proof your income
      • Manage and multiply your money like a pro
      • Move beyond money to create true and lasting prosperity in all areas of your life


Purpose and passion

Feeling empty, restless or unfulfilled?

Turn to the Law of Attraction In Depth and Be The Message, Share The Message
programs. These deep and spiritually rich programs draw rave reviews. You will:

      • Discover your life’s purpose
      • Connect deeply with Spirit
      • Develop, understand and trust your intuition
      • Learn must-know Law of Attraction secrets that “The Secret” doesn’t cover
      • Master “BEING” (as opposed to “doing”)
      • Make a difference and leave a legacy


Get ready for a breakthrough

Everyone hits roadblocks and challenges once in a while.

When you do, turn to The Breakthrough Program to:

      • Blast through hidden blocks that may have sabotaged you for years
      • Become unstoppable
      • Turn your “crap” into gold
      • Find answers and solutions that are right for YOU
      (We’re all unique
      and there is no one solution for everyone)

And check out the Wisdom Library to hear real solutions to some of the everyday
challenges most of us face.


Loving, lasting relationships

In Attractive Relationships, you will:

      • Silence your inner critic and truly love yourself
      • Easily attract ANY relationship – friend, lover, business partner – you name it
      • Create work relationships that really work
      • Turn off your “buttons” so people can never push them again


Healthy, wealthy and wise

Being wealthy and wise isn’t much good if you are sick.

The Attracting Perfect Health program will help you:

      • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight – even if you have
      struggled for years
      • Heal your wounded inner child (we all have one)
      • Achieve optimum health -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual


A balanced life

Isn’t that what we all want?

Attract A Life You Love will show you how to put it all together to achieve a balanced life with lasting success in every area.

Invest once, learn for life

The Mastering Life and Business library is practical, proven and effective.

Our unique “invest once, learn for life” system provides you with:

      • Updates and new programs that keep your library fresh and current
      (Unlike books, CDs and home study programs which can quickly become
      outdated and obsolete)
      • Real life case studies and examples to deepen your understanding
      • Clear, practical exercises take what you learn and apply it to your own life
      • A 24/7 library you can access anytime and anywhere for years to come
      • Tips, techniques, shortcuts, products and services to help in every area of your life

Mastering Life and Business was created by Don Giberson.

Don is a Master Law of Attraction Trainer and Coach and the President
and founder of DreamCrafters, a company that specializes in teaching the “inner” AND
“outer” games to success in business and in life.

Don has been studying the principles of success for 25+ years
and metaphysics/Law of Attraction for 15 years.

He is an instructor at the Law of Attraction Training Center
and the Law of Attraction Center (New Zealand) where he trains
other Law of Attraction teachers and coaches.

Used in 12 countries – and counting

Don has taught these programs to clients in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany,
India, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, South Korea, Sweden and the United States.

And the list of countries continues to grow.

The information in the Mastering Life and Business library is universal –
it works in every country and culture.

Here are just a few of the comments from our students:

“Thank you Don for your wonderful wisdom. I loved this program and have found you
such an inspiration…This is the most inspirational course I have ever done…I really
feel I’ve got it in all areas of my life.”
– Claire Crosbie

“Learning from Don is fun and very addictive. It’s life changing stuff, full of AHA's.”
– Michelle Buchanan

“After hearing Don’s classes I can honestly say that I will be listening to these recordings
several times because there is so much interesting information.”
– Julieta Dawkins

“Wow. This is life changing material and so simple to understand…I just loved it. I find it invaluable to be able to listen to anything as often as I need to. Each time I listen, I learn something more.”
– Pam de Frere

“I have attended several of Don Giberson’s Law of Attraction classes and also worked with him as a coaching client.

I highly recommend Don. He is an amazing teacher, with an uncanny ability of helping one see a situation or challenge from a different perspective.

Don’s classes are fun, interactive and motivational. Don shares his incredible wisdom and insights, coupled with a marvelous sense of humour, freely in classes and in his coaching. I really enjoy working with him.

Don was instrumental in helping me find the clarity and the courage I needed to pursue my dream of starting my own business.

Thank you Don, you are a TEN!”
- Denise O’Regan, Aira Angel Network

“The Law of Attraction really works! I participated in Don's Turbocharge Your Business
Program in 2006, where I learned how to identify and attract my ideal client.
I exceeded the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the program
and I have been busy with clients since that time. I was so impressed
that I went on to his Turbocharge Your Business Mastery Program
last year to reinforce and expand on my skills and knowledge.”
– Janet Barclay, Organized Assistant

An MBA for business, a Ph. D. for life

Over the past few years, over $50,000 and thousands of hours have been invested in
creating the Mastering Life and Business library of programs. This includes:

      • Education and research -- books, CDs, DVDs, online programs, seminars, conferences
      (We share tips, techniques, principles and strategies that we spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn)
      • Development – writing, recording, website development and coaching
      • Clear, practical exercises take what you learn and apply it to your own life
      • Testing – sharing and refining the programs through seminars and teleclasses

We are proud of the result.

Mastering Life and Business is like an MBA for business and a Ph. D. for life.

It is a deep and comprehensive collection of programs that provides you with
all the information and tools you need to succeed in business – and in life.

The table below summarizes all the programs in the Mastering Business and Life program:


No. Title
1 Turbocharge Your Business
4+ hrs
2 Turbocharge Your Business - Mastery
7+ hrs
3 Attract A Life You Love
4+ hrs
4 Attract Your Ideal Relationship
3+ hrs
5 Who Wants To Be A Money Magnet?
6+ hrs
6 Attracting Perfect Health
3+ hrs
7 Attract Your Ideal Job, Career or Business
2+ hrs
8 Attract Your Dream Home
3+ hrs
9 10 Weeks To Freedom
4+ hrs
10 The Breakthrough Program
4+ hrs
11 Wisdom Library
8+ hrs
12 Law of Attraction In Depth
5+ hrs
13 Teaching and Coaching in LOA
9+ hrs
62+ hrs

The best value for your money

We researched the market to see what else was available.

We uncovered similar programs by some well-known names.

Many cost $1,200 to $1,600 (and some a whole lot more) – and had a fraction of the content.

It seems the authors are charging a premium simply because they are well known.

But the value of these programs is in the quality of the information – not the person delivering it.

And we knew that the breadth and depth of information in our programs was equal to -- and in many cases superior to -- others on the market. 

We also knew this information would be of no use to you if you couldn’t afford it.

So we made a decision.

We decided to make Mastering Life and Business as affordable as possible.

So we could help as many people as possible.

The Mastering Life and Business library of programs consists of:

      • 13 different programs to help in every area of your life
      • Over 62 hours of quality training
      • Page after page of valuable tips, techniques and strategies
      (over 460 pages of notes, checklists and worksheets in total)
      • Lifetime access – you will use these programs again and again for
      years to come
      • Updates and new programs added at no extra cost to you
      • Teleclasses and Q & A sessions provide live one-on-one support
      • Our free newsletter to provide further information, support and inspiration
      • Our blog to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and to
      share your successes
      • Free success network to support, inspire and challenge each other
      • An extensive collection of practical, proven, effective programs valued at over $2,000

You get all of this for …   

A one-time investment of only $97

This special, limited time offer saves you an extra $182 off our regular, already low price of $279.

You’re satisfied or we pay you

We stand behind our programs.

Purchase the Mastering Life and Business library of programs.

Use them for a full 60 days in any area of your life you want to improve.

And if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 110% of your money.

Could it be any fairer than that?

Tell others, get paid

Sign up as an affiliate, tell others about the programs and when one of your referrals
makes a purchase we pay you a 30% commission.

Our “Tell a friend” system makes it easy to spread the word and earn extra income.

The elephant in the room

Let’s talk for a moment about the elephant in the room.

We all know that many parts of the world are experiencing an economic slowdown.

Many people and companies are tightening belts and pondering every purchase.

There are tough times ahead.

Some will survive. Only a few will thrive.

And knowledge will make the difference.

The knowledge contained in Mastering Life and Business has never been more timely or needed.


      • The information in these programs is practical, proven and effective
      • These programs will help in every area of your life
      • They can save you from being a casualty in the tough times ahead
      • You can even earn extra income (as an affiliate)
      • It is a one-time investment for a lifetime of learning
      • You get ongoing support through teleclasses, online networks, newsletters
      and blogs
      • It comes with a better than Money Back guarantee
      • It is incredibly affordable

YES, I’m ready to thrive.

YES, I want my own copy of Mastering Life and Business

YES, I want to take advantage of this special, limited-time offer.


Order now!

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In Summary

Your DreamCrafters Mastering Life and Business Library includes:
• All 13 programs (plus any new programs added to the Library in the future)
• 62+ hours of audio and video instruction
• 460+ pages of notes, handouts, checklists and workbooks
• Over $2,000 worth of programs
For only $97!


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